How it all began

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 How it all began and a little about us. 

 Well it all happened back in 2000 I was sitting talking to a dear friend of mine and told her I would like to get a nice little flat face breed of dog and she said "What about a Frenchie". I looked at her in a strange manner and said "what are they?"  So the research began and the bug struck!  

I purchased my first reverse tiger brindle female and it went from there.  At the time I was breeding Pugs and Yorkshire Terriers but everyone was placed to nice pet homes and I jumped on with both feet to the Frenchie Express.  It's been the most rewarding and magical ride.


My husband and I have always lived out in the country away from the city with acreage for the gang to have a wonderful life. Over the years my children have lived with me with their children so plenty of laps has never been an issue for any of our adults or their babies lol. My children have even been smitten by this wonderful little breed and are on their own ventures with producing some of the finest frenchies. 

We have been blessed as a whole family with having these beautiful little bundles in our lives.