Reputable Breeders

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A reputable breeder doesn't dedicate their life to their dogs solely for money TRUST ME...they do it for the love of that breed FIRST and most money made usually goes to paying for Vet bills, raising the puppies and to pay what it costs to keep multiple adult dogs in good conditions. They are your life, your life revolves around them! If you are a breeder who truly cares and does things the right way, your life will be your dogs. It's all about the dogs. A plethoro of money is put into these dogs. Yearly expenses are astronomical and all the "time" invested in raising dogs is time one CANNOT spend with friends and especially loved ones. When you are a breeder who does things the right way, your life is the dogs, period!!! Vet care, quality nutrition and real food, toys, treats, handling fees, the 5 hours drive and tie spent going to the Airport, the 5 hours driving to the Vet for c-sections, the hours and hours AND HOURS spent online creating a website, hours emailing people who have questions after questions..., hours taking hundreds of photos, cropping, loading, emailing to the new owners.....loading videos...believe me...the cost of my puppies is often just enough to break even for all the money and time put into the dogs, puppies and everything that has to do with caring for them. A reputable breeder can surely make more money HOURLY working at a McDonalds or Burger King if you multiply all the hours of care and work that goes into everything having to do with raising the dogs and puppies the right way!

Just some of the costs/time of breeding alone, this does not include raising or showing and care for adults:

Progesterone Testing to determine Ovulation, sometimes daily.

Vaginal Smears/Cytologies

Artificial Insemination

Stud Fees (If Needed)

Natural Holistic Feed, Meat, Supplements, Vitamins, Homecooking

C-Sections which can cost up to $4000 on Emergency

24 hour care of Newborns which can include bottle feeding, tube feeding, cleaning to stimulate bowel movements, etc..

Mom's after care and staple removal


Cleaning, laundry and more cleaning and laundry

Milk for Momma's or bottle feeding babies

Hours and Hours of Picture/Video taking and emailing as mentioned above

Gas and Time spent at the Vet for puppy exams

Gas and Time spent driving to the Airport

The list goes on and on.........................but all in all it is such a gratifying experience raising this wonderful breed and blessing my babies with YOU!

Then after all this....Your girl doesn't get pregnant or she has a ONE (1) ...Puppy Litter...or the momma goes early and all the puppies die. Or...the puppies catch a cold from a draft, now you need antibiotics and possible Vet intervention, IV Fluids, Nebulizer treatment, etc...You also have  Puppy fading syndrome which means the puppies just fade away even after all the time and money spent to save them...Like with human mothers, French Bulldog mothers can die during their c-section, after all it is a surgery...I can go on and on.....You do it THE RIGHT WAY, then tell me it's easy or cheap. Being a pet owner of one or two dogs is a responsibility as it multiply that times 10-20, just maybe the average person might understand what it takes to be a responsible and dedicated French Bulldog Breeder. It is FAR FROM EASY, trust me.